Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Long and Winding Road That Leads Me to Provo

Provo LDS temple photo by Paige Evans
Welcome to the second week of May, everyone. I know you were just waiting for my formal invitation to celebrate, so here it is.

Every weekend for the past month and a half (going all the way back to March!), I have ended up in Provo, UT or thereabouts. Provo is about 40 minutes south of where I live; you may recall that I lived in Provo for several years, once upon a dream.

There has not been a recurring reason for me to travel there. The reasons range from the Color Me Rad 5k to getting our car deep-cleaned at our favorite car wash to the Bijou Market. But every Saturday and/or Sunday, some combination of the Flanagan family have been a temporary part of the Provo community.

This is only notable because I feel ready to extract myself from Utah altogether.

Last week, Caleb came home from work when I was cooking dinner. The first thing he said when he walked in the door was, "So...wanna move to London?" I surprised myself and him by immediately saying, "Sure!" Of course, it was a red herring; two of Caleb's coworkers will be selected to move to London, but he wasn't necessarily in the running. He confessed that he jokingly asked me, only to get a rise out of me. Brat.

But the principle remains: I am ready.

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