Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bijou Market Triumph!

I did it!

Bijou Market was a success. It was held in a huge brick building, with around 50 vendor booths. My sister Julie went with me, and I was glad she did—I felt super out-cooled by the hipster moms that filled the sales floor.

I finally got to try on some wooden Tumbleweeds sunglasses. I thought I looked pretty fly, but my nephew Theo thought it looked a little off; he made sure to make the picture extra blurry so I wouldn't embarrass myself. What a nice boy.

Speaking of, it is so nice to have baby Theo around. Nephews are way more fun than children I actually have to care for; Theo exploded his diaper before we went to the Bijou Market, and I just handed him off to his mommy. Awesome.

I gave myself a budget of $25 to spend, which I ensured by bringing cash only. It's a good thing, too, because I was loving everything I saw. Like, this ceramic hippo display thingy. I wanted to buy it for Caleb so badly!

Theo tried on several things for us, including a jillion baby headbands and this adorable fox mask. Julie wanted to put all of the girly stuff on him, and I'll admit, he looked adorable. Darn you, Y chromosome!

I couldn't back up enough to get an appropriate picture of these, but there were painted rulers leaning against a pillar. But not just any rulers—these were HUGE rulers! The numbers indicate feet, not inches. I loved walking past them.

And many thanks to Diana of Livy Love Designs for letting me know that Bijou Market was happening. You may remember me talking about how much I've already purchased from her etsy store, so I didn't buy anything at her booth. I was looking forward to meeting her, but I didn't realize that this was the kind of craft show that didn't have the sellers there! Bummer time.

And for those of you who were wondering what a hipster mom looked like, I took one picture to show you. These girls in front of me were wearing easily 5" of platform shoes, along with their belted skirts and cheetah-print blouses. I was easily out-cooled. 
Speaking of cool, how cool is it to have a chandelier at a craft show?

Way to go, Bijou Market.

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