Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Camera Lost Has Now Been Found

There have been so many fun things happening in my life recently....

Friends and family visiting, graduations, the kids finally being able to play outside, planting our first mini-garden, and even the Color Me Rad 5K yesterday!

All of these things have definitely been photo-worthy, but some dunce lost her camera on Easter Sunday. So, the month of April has been captured by my grainy iPod Touch camera. Sad times.

Yesterday, after my successful run (I didn't even feel tired after; I think I could have gone faster [not bad for someone voluptuous like me]), Caleb took the car to get the registration done.

He texted me and said, "So, our camera was in the glove compartment."


So here are our pictures from Easter Sunday, before church. We let the kids get their wiggles out by running some "races" down the grass hill by our car, then we wrangled them for a little family picture.

Afterward, I placed the camera carefully in the glove compartment so I wouldn't forget it.

 It's a good thing that the state of Utah requires vehicles to be registered, or else we might not have ever found the camera. I would have died without these adorable pictures.

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