Friday, February 3, 2012

Week of Recklessness: Day Five—Hate Shopping, a.k.a. Retail Therapy

Welcome Back to the Week of Recklessness!

Every day this week, I will choose an undesirable thing to do and chronicle it here each evening. I promise not to do anything to negatively affect my health, but I cannot say the same about my pride or dignity.

Week of Recklessness is a blog series that chronicles a week's worth of ill-advised decisions. Please do not try this at home, unless you are willing to wreck with your health, pride, or dignity. 

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I usually try to promote self-betterment, but I also believe that you have to let loose every once in awhile.

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Day Five: Hate Shopping, a.k.a Retail Therapy

I confess that this week has been mostly about exacting revenge on myself and others for some perceived wrongdoings. But if there were never any miscommunications or differing of opinions, what would romantic comedies be about, then?

Someone said some harsh words to me this week. I am not made of Teflon and those words cut me pretty deeply. My first response was to be hurt, my next response was to examine their words to see if there was truth in them that I could use, and my last response was:

"This is the week of recklessness—Imma get my hate shopping on!"

I have a secret method of mixing shopping and catharsis. Most people would label this as "Retail Therapy," or buying things to assuage pain or suffering. I would argue that my method is not so much that as it is Hate Shopping.

Hate Shopping is when I am offended or wronged, I buy something (usually wearable), and dedicate that purchase to my offender. Each time I use the item or wear the clothing, I think about that person and how angry I was when I made the purchase. Instead of making myself forget the pain with whatever I buy, I cement those feelings into something tangible.

The above shoes are Blowfish Shoes, which are dedicated to this week's critic. Each time I wear these shoes, I am going to stomp around fabulously and remember the caustic things that were said. And you know what? I will still be fabulous. I will still be awesome. I will still have mammoth accomplishments and extreme drive.

And my critic? Can suck it. Big Time.


  1. Stomp it, girl! Haters gonna hate, and you'll still look hawt.

  2. I ditto Megan. You rock those shoes :)

  3. Ps, I already follow you on Google reader. Can I still get an extra entry cuz you love me? Pleeeeeease?