Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week of Recklessness: Day Four—Trying on Jeans from High School

Welcome Back to the Week of Recklessness!

Every day this week, I will choose an undesirable thing to do and chronicle it here each evening. I promise not to do anything to negatively affect my health, but I cannot say the same about my pride or dignity.

Week of Recklessness is a blog series that chronicles a week's worth of ill-advised decisions. Please do not try this at home, unless you are willing to wreck with your health, pride, or dignity. 

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I usually try to promote self-betterment, but I also believe that you have to let loose every once in awhile.

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 Day Four—Trying on Jeans from High School

This speaks for itself.

I used to be 17. And even though I wasn't the most svelte in my class, I still had the body of a teenager.

And now it's almost 10 years later and I have had two babies.

Today's trying on of my high school jeans did not go well. I couldn't take a picture of it that didn't highlight my underwear, so you're going to have to trust me on this one.

But you know, I lived through that moment. Whatever body I have now has gone through a lot more than my 17-year-old body. I know very few adult women who fit into their clothes from high school, and the ones who do have worked hard to do so. All of this is the mature response to this situation.

The Week of Recklessness response?

This sucks—big time. 


  1. Who wants to look like a teenager anyway? We are so much cooler now than we were then. Plus, remember when we were teenagers and all we wanted was to be grown and independent like we are now? You rock!

  2. I'm not even going to ask why you still have your high school jeans. I can't handle keeping clothes around that don't fit - even my pre-pregancy clothes are shoved in tupperware containers in the top of my closet so that they can't mock me.

  3. The fact that you even HAVE jeans from high school blows my mind!

  4. Like I mentioned to you, mine wouldn't even come close. I would also be highlighting my thighs! :)