Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week of Recklessness: Day Two—PostSecret Reveal

Welcome Back to the Week of Recklessness!

Every day this week, I will choose an undesirable thing to do and chronicle it here each evening. I promise not to do anything to negatively affect my health, but I cannot say the same about my pride or dignity.

Week of Recklessness is a blog series that chronicles a week's worth of ill-advised decisions. Please do not try this at home, unless you are willing to wreck with your health, pride, or dignity. 

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I usually try to promote self-betterment, but I also believe that you have to let loose every once in awhile.

To thank you for going on this self-indulgent journey with me, I am going to be giving away over $25 worth of items from Dogbone Art handmade goods at the end of the week. The winner will be randomly chosen on Saturday, February 4th.

On each day of recklessness, leave a comment to get an entry. That's a total of five entries!

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 Day Two—PostSecret Reveal

The idea of PostSecret is to express your inner feelings in an artistic and anonymous way. The anonymous portion of the project is so important to its founder, Frank Warren, that he was willing to close down the popular PostSecret app because he was unwilling to make the users register. Frank receives thousands of postcards in his own mailbox, and he posts them around twenty of them every Sunday. Nothing but the scanned postcards and his address are added—no editorial, no nothing.

There are similar websites that chronicle people's secrets, with explanations and stories. But something about the excess of that turns me off—I like to put my own spin on what each secret means. Therefore, I have decided to be reckless today and show you some secrets of mine.

Blurred secrets, that is.

Therefore, if you see a secret that looks like one of these on the PostSecret site, you will know it's mine. Until then, though, enjoy trying to read between the lines.


  1. I love PostSecret! I won't ask you what your secrets are, but I have to admit that being *almost* able to read them - but not quite - is a little maddening.

  2. I miss the post secret parties, well I only made it to one but still . . .

  3. I was sad that this was blurred out... thought it was my computer. :D HAHA!

  4. i'm squinting....but i can't read it. maybe if i took my glasses off...

  5. I'm torn on this one. I think it's very artistic to create a site founded on anonymous secrets. Looking through the entries was very intriguing. But it also feels like every single person is struggling with something that needs to be handled with open communication, therapy or medication. But maybe that's my inner life coach talking :)