Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week of Recklessness: Day Three—Tattletale on a Snotty Nurse

Welcome Back to the Week of Recklessness!

Every day this week, I will choose an undesirable thing to do and chronicle it here each evening. I promise not to do anything to negatively affect my health, but I cannot say the same about my pride or dignity.

Week of Recklessness is a blog series that chronicles a week's worth of ill-advised decisions. Please do not try this at home, unless you are willing to wreck with your health, pride, or dignity. 

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I usually try to promote self-betterment, but I also believe that you have to let loose every once in awhile.

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 Day Three: Tattletale on a Snotty Nurse

The girls in that picture look pretty happy, right? Lucy and I were so young then.

We were too young, in fact.

Because Lucy was born the day after Christmas, the weather was pretty frightful. And the "No Longer a Baby Inside Keeping Me Warm" feeling was not delightful. I was constantly freezing for the first few days after I had Lucy—I kept my hospital room toasty warm!

Several people of the hospital staff were ultra magical during that hazy time in my memory, but there was one nurse who stood out as possibly the Worst Human Being Ever.

One night when all of the visitors had gone for the evening, I was alone in my room watching Minute to Win It softly. From the hallway, I hear a nurse say, "I hate going in there. It's so stuffy and awful." Not a minute later, Yvonne walks into my room and makes nice with me. After she left, it occurs to me that the "stuffy and awful" room she was referring to was mine. My post-pregnancy hormones swelled in anger and I have held onto it for over a year now.

She was standing right outside my door! If you are going to talk smack about someone, I recommend doing it outside of that person's earshot. I also suggest not dissing a woman who recently had a baby—girl be crazy!

Today I wrote an angrily-worded letter, recounting this story about Yvonne and adding additional evidence about Yvonne's bad behavior (thanks to her poor care of my nephew Theo while he was there). I also mentioned that if she had been generally surly, I might have let it slide; but because she got her Fake Happy on with me, I knew she wasn't just having a bad day. I recommended that Yvonne be spoken with about her behavior and encouraged to lower her voice if she has anything negative to say about a patient.

Would I have written this letter in any other mindset? No way! I actively give people the benefit of the doubt and never want to get someone fired or reprimanded unless it's absolutely necessary. But Yvonne's lack of proper feeding of my nephew pushed me over the top. I am simply calling this act Quality Control.

And you know I'll be throwing her some shade if I ever pass her in the hospital hallways.


  1. Uh, RUDE. I'm glad you wrote a letter. Peeps just keep doing the same mean things unless they get a heads up! And no hurting baby Theo, either!!

  2. I should write an angry worded letter about not getting my "free" bag after having Nolan, that and the whole forcing me to give my baby formula when I didn't want to.

  3. haha. i want to write an angry letter to the nurse who INSISTED on manually deflating my large hemorrhoid. (i wish i were joking.)

  4. All the nurses were pretty fabulous after I had Jett, but I should write a letter to the hospital about the anesthesiologist kicking my husband out of the room during my epidural. Um, hello! I had 5 people in my room giving me oxygen and whatnot after putting in my IV, I need some moral support while someone is putting a gigantic needle in my spine.

  5. Dealing with bad nurses is the worst. I'm glad you said something. And to Deanna's comment, all I can say is: owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!