Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Sponsor Links & Love

Nova of Four-Eyes Rella writes with some serious chops. She also takes pictures like a bat out of hell. Or something. She's just cool.

Kelly of Living Apockylypse is a "geeky gal chasing after her crafty dreams." I think she's cute as a button, is what she is. 

  • Can't Stitch a Lick T-Shirt Scarves have me all lusty after not being busty. My current body type isn't made for fancy scarves, but I bet yours is!
  • Try crafting in a group sometime; Kelly says it's good for the soul, and I can't disagree. I will love my group from "Scrap Mania" at Archiver's forever!

You guys know I have a crush on Deanna of Delirious Rhapsody. What you may not know is that the feeling is mutual (I hope!).

  • The Gage Says series is easily the best thing on the Internet—an amalgamation of four-year-old phrases like "I'm out of this band. This band sounds so bad. I quit." and "Let me tell you something. I CAN grow up to be an Asian man if I want to. I can be anything!" There's something fantastic every week.
  • Enter the TOMS giveaway Deanna is throwing to thank her fantastic readers, a group in which I totally am included.

Vanessa of Little Gray Pixel is on my "Love to Meet Up" list of online friends. She is also full of unwavering confidence, which deserves a few snaps.

  • Thinking about going meatless? Here are some happy results of one month of a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.
  • Can't decide what picture to add to your Facebook Timeline? Add this free graphic that lets folks know you're a friendly sort.

Are you a fan of crafting? Or maybe you like vintage shopping on etsy? Check out Olivia of Project Random 

Caleb of 2412 needs no introduction to the SDB crowd, except to say that he is a lot more fun than his sponsor picture lets on. What can I say, he chose this one.


  1. I love the t-shirt scarves thing! And, of course, the FLAN MAN! :)

  2. Caleb does look very serious in that photo... maybe it's a bearded-guy thing.