Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jillian Michaels Galore and Little Penelope Lane

The generosity of the Internet astounds me.

Well, more specifically, the people on the Internet astound me.

I am in need of guest posts for next week, and some great friends have reached out in order to help me. But I still need more! If you are willing to write a guest post about anything, please leave a comment or email me at luxurious(at)gmail(dot)com.

Another fantastic thing about people on the Internet is that they do giveaways sometimes. The website Diets in Review has an extremely active Twitter account, and they recently did a Giveaway A Day series on their Twitter page. I was fortunate enough to win the Jillian Michaels prize pack—featuring Jillian Michaels' book Unlimited (which I already read and loved!) and her newest workout DVD Extreme Shed & Shred. The book has already seen a lot of use and the DVD scared me half to death after one use, but I am still grateful for my luck at winning it all.

And yet another way I know that people on the Internet rock is by also knowing them in real life. If you remember my post about Sarah Hull: Warrior Mom, you'll know that I think she's just the bee's knees. You might also remember that she has an accessories business named Little Penelope Lane. Because she is ultra gracious, Sarah sent me these lovely headbands and hair clips as a "Thank You" for my post. The whole family has already had a headband night (sorry to out you, Caleb), and Lucy's hair is still a little too wispy for the clips. But do you guys see that Minnie Mouse clip? Sarah knows me and my Disney-lovin' family well!

You really need to check out her shop, guys. For realsies.

I have always known that the Internet and I were going to be BFFs, ever since the days of dial-up. But I guess I didn't realize that the Internet would give me some BFFs I wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise.

And if you are interested in guest blogging for So Dang Brilliant, contact me anytime.

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