Friday, November 25, 2011

SDB Interviews: Nova of Four-Eyes Rella

When someone named Nova comments on your blog post about tattoos, recommending that you tell your son "...that some people choose to get pictures put on their skin that stay there for the rest of their lives, and some people don't," you have to sit up and take notice.

I am not sure how Nova of Four-Eyes Rella found my blog, but I am sure glad she did—it means I found her blog, too! I knew I just had to interview her and share her with the people I love: you! But be aware, I had to go all prude-ish and edit a few choice words from her responses.

I'll let her describe herself in her own choice words:

My interests revolve around funny stuff, tattoos, writing, editing, cats, dogs, photography and languages (especially Spanish). I live with my boyfriend, his 2 kids, a cat and a dog in Victoria, a small city on Vancouver Island in Canada. I work in a tattoo shop there. I would love to be a writer some day. Maybe.

Nova has been the most relaxed interviewee I've had, which is good because she is also the first blogger I have reached out to that I didn't know at all! I just have a love for her blog—photography diptychs, bus horror stories, and the most enviable home office ever. In fact, I am still so nervous about her liking this interview that I have drafted this intro four times. I will just let her show you how awesome she is.

1. Let my fancy readers know what your blog is all about.
My blog is about my life and whatever it is that captures my attention on any given day. Usually I have like 75 billion pictures of my dog which some people really seem to like. I write a lot about things that strike me as funny or unusual, I post a lot of pictures as I'm super interested in learning about photography, and since I work in a tattoo shop I post a lot of tattoo related things too. Oh, and every Thursday...LOOK OUT. It gets bananas up in there with TILT posts.

2. You are a word nerd just like me, but you also have a "tough" outer vibe. How do you marry the two, or are they not mutually exclusive?
I really really don't have a "tough" vibe. Like, at all. You should meet me in real life, I'm a huge dork. I think sometimes I do come off as kind of a jerk because I'm super shy and quiet and refuse to do "small talk." I like that you think I'm tough though! Hahaha! The awesome thing about human beings is we have so many levels and facets and so much depth.  I honestly beleve that every single person is interesting if you get to know them, and could surprise you with their knowledge and interests. You should never judge a book by its cover. For example, this book has a University degree and loves kitties and has been to probably half of the states in Mexico but never overseas, and works in a tattoo shop and set her alarm super early today on her day off so she could get up and read the Game of Thrones books in the morning light.

3. I can't let this interview go any longer without starting some Bus Talk. Let's hear the low-down on your bus love/hate.
Oh why do we have to go there? WHY OH WHY? There is no "love" side to the bus unless you count that it gets me from A to B. I'm not the only one who hates it though, I get a really amazing response every time I write about it in my blog. In fact, I'm thinking about starting a "The bus sucks everywhere" if any of you lovely folks out there have some amazing bus stories, or just want to vent about it, please e-mail me. I've already got my first post lined up from a bus rider in India!

4. You make your living being artistic, through working at a tattoo shop. I am interested to hear about your process, the collaborative efforts of tattoos, and the creative environment of your workplace.
I'm actually not a tattooer, I just kind of ... do everything else in the tattoo shop. I'm still semi-involved in the client/artist process in that I set them up together, make sure the client brings all they need to the table and that they're prepared before they talk to the tattoo artist, aid in the communication between the two, set up appointments and the tattooers' schedules etc. Mainly my job is sterilization, taking care of the clients, money stuff, making sure we have all the supplies, reception-type stuff and all the random little jobs that pop up. My biggest pet peeve is when people see me standing there and assume I do nothing all day and my job is the easiest...I mean...sometimes it really is, but I always have to keep my eye on everybody and make sure everything is running smoothly. Oh yeah, and I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention our website, facebook page and twitter! :)  Most of the posts and tweets and stuff are by me. Just sayin'.

The creative environment around the shop is something I don't really think about anymore, I'm so used to the guys I work with just magically whipping up a killer snake sleeve or a rad painting of a wizard or whatever...but seriously, tattooers are amazing. They constantly work under pressure and make it all look so easy. I am seriously lucky to be surrounded by so much talent.

5. How important is your blogging to you, in terms of sharing your story/photography/general awesomeness?
I recently tried to explain why I blog to my sister and it was impossible. It's one of those things...if you don't do it you won't get it. I probably spend six to eight hours per week writing, editing photos and reading other blogs. And I enjoy every second of it even though it just sounds like a hell of a lot of work to the layman! I really feel like it's paying off in so many ways, and I haven't even reached the level of 'paid sponsor' blogger yet. (Although if you want to do an ad trade, email me, I'm thinking about doing that in December!!) I just find that sharing my life with all my internet friends, and reading about theirs is constantly exciting, it's great writing and storytelling practice and every single new follower or comment makes me feel like it's totally worth it. 

If you like what you read, and I know you did, check out Nova on her twitter, tumblr and facebook pages! Thanks a million, Nova!


  1. ooohhhh....looks like i might have found a new read! :-D

  2. Come on over, we can be friends! :)

  3. Nova- I have no clue how I stumbled on to your blog a few weeks ago, but I am glad I did. I look forward to reading your bus rants & seeing the uber freakin cute dog pics.
    And somehow, until now, I had no clue you were in Canada, eh.

    *Great Interview

  4. I love Nova :) One of my favorite bloggers by far!

  5. Cool, Becky! That's so nice to hear! :) Total Canadian, bro.

    Hi Caitlin!