Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just North of Salt Lake City

I am a major squinter.

Thanks to my distress at being beholden to The Man, I take off my glasses whenever possible. And my poor eyesight plus my desire to see equals some insane squint wrinkles just north of my nose. I am totally okay with that.

We have moved into a three-level townhome in North Salt Lake City; the proximity to Caleb's work has already proved helpful (we visited his office when we didn't have Internet) and the sprawling space has made the transition extremely easy. We have enough extra storage room that we have two whole closets empty!

As a bonus, Caleb and I are already feeling the effects of going up and down stairs all day—my calves are going to be rock hard by this time next year. The kids are roaming free and yelping with glee every time they discover a new nook or cranny. The benefits for each of us are endless, and this new house is somewhere we can spend many years happily.

The townhouse windows are east/west-facing, which means that I'll be squinting even more than usual during sunrise and sunset. I am totally okay with that, once again.

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