Saturday, March 9, 2013


When I find myself in new environs, I like to immediately find the things I need: grocery stores, parks, gas stations.

But there is something I have to seek out even before all that: FOOD.

I have a few restaurant types that are necessities. And in Utah, that unfortunately doesn't include Mexican food (growing up in southern California has made me a major Mexican food snob).

First, I have to find the best Chinese food restaurant. We visited Ho Ho Gourmet after our first day in our new place, and I was near tears after every bite. It was so good! And they give 10% off every take-out order. You know we will be returning sooner than later.

Next, I have to find the best donuts. We had a few fabulous options when we lived in Riverton, but this food type proved more challenging in our new digs. We were able to seek out Parson's Bakery, though—they have some delicious desserts, as well as fancy donuts. Wouldn't you know, it's in the same shopping center as Ho Ho Gourmet.

And of course, you need a good hamburger. As luck would have it, we are less than a block away from Atlantis Burger. We visited there before we unpacked one box, and they have the best variety of American food ever—plus gyros, people!

What are your Must Have Restaurants in your area?
Utah locals, what restaurants do you suggest?

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