Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moving Time #7

We're packing up and moving North, as one does when winter is almost over.

This new three-level townhome will be our first non-apartment, our first multi-level abode, and our seventh place of living since Caleb and I were married. As someone whose parents have lived in the same house for almost 25 years, I never anticipated that my adult life would mean becoming an expert packer. Luckily all seven of our places are within an hour drive from top to bottom, so our scenery has never changed drastically.

Jacko is traumatized to see all of his treasures in boxes, while Little Lu finds the cavernous, empty rooms to be her own little playground. Caleb is stressed to the max, which happens when minute logistics are your job.

As for me, I am just happy to be heading to a new place—we'll be closer to my beloved cousin Cari, nearer to a ton of culture for the whole family, and nowhere near a third floor apartment. Herding two little ones up three flights of stairs will not be missed by this girl.

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