Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jackos Say the Darnedest Things

Little Jacko is now four years old, and he is as gangbusters as ever. Here are some funny things he has said in the last few months.

When asked what made him like "The Real Ghostbusters," Jacko responded with the obvious answer: "Logic."
As Jacko reminded the Target cashier who said that he didn't have anyone to celebrate Valentine's day with: "Valentine's day is a day for people you care about. I hope that there's SOMEONE you care about in the world!"

"Did you come to my second birthday party? In 1987?"
My cousin Cari: "Hey, do you go by Jacko these days or do you go by Jack?"
Jack: "I call myself Jack Flanagan sometimes."
Cari: "Do you remember your middle name?"
Jack: "O. Jack O."

At the risk of sounding uncouth, I present Jacko's ending to the sacrament meeting coloring book: "And so, Jesus, I wish you good luck."

"The louder you are, the quieter my show is. I'll only be sad for you if I can hear my show."

"Tell mom my heart hurts without her, but I will be brave so she doesn't worry."
"Mom, why do you and daddy have two kids? At least, two kids who are talking to you."

Jacko ran up to me and mechanically said, "Initiating Tattle Sequence.... Lucy opened the peanut butter."

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  1. every time I see a picture of Theo sleeping, I think of jack saying he was in baby jail... Then changing his mind to the desert.