Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holly's Summer Manifesto

Photo by Paige Evans
Don't worry, friends—my kids are sick. Again. This time, it's Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease; it's a highly contagious illness that looks like chicken pox, but only around your limbs and your lips. See you in 10 days when the disease isn't communicable anymore.

The words that have been echoing after my sick-kid complaints have been, "Sometimes, kids just get sick. There's not much you can do."

But there IS something I can do!

I am dreaming of the best summer ever, and I'm making plans to put it in motion. Sick kids or not, I am going to make these things happen:

  • Write a special summer 'zine made by moi
  • Fall in love with Mexican food again
  • Rummage through my parents' house and kidnap some treasures to bring back home
  • Drink more sparkling pink lemonade
  • Make a summer playlist on GrooveShark
  • Be rid of full trash bags laying around
  • Scrape my knees doing something crazy
  • Finally do batting cages for the first time in my life
  • Put ice in my water every day
  • Create the best Chatfield Sisters movie yet

No matter how many germs get between me and my perfect life, I'm going to be checking these off my summer list one by one. Germs don't know that they shouldn't come between me and my goals. Or maybe I'm too thick to realize that I can't just enable the powers of mind over matter.

To misquote Coldplay: Germs and I never change, do we? Germs and I never learn, do we?

What's your summer manifesto?

Summer manifesto idea from Kimberly Adami-Hasegawa

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