Saturday, June 30, 2012

Experience New Places Like a Local and Do a Bit of Memory Keeping!

Hi So Dang Brilliant readers, I'm Kam of Campfire Chic. I enjoy blogging, working on more projects than I can handle, and being outdoors with my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years. We recently spent 5 days traveling through Colorado, specifically, through Denver, Boulder, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

My boyfriend, Alex, and I did not do much planning for the trip other than soliciting a few locals from our online worlds for some restaurant recommendations. Flying by the seat of our pants, we knew we wanted to try and avoid chain restaurants we could get in California and eat where the locals eat and play where the locals play!

In order to do this, we asked connections via Twitter and message boards, and used the Yelp! app on our phones. 

Use keywords, the 'hot new businesses' or 'deals' features to find places you'd dig. There is also a newer feature about the local scene, but it may not be up to date for the city (ours kept showing activities that occurred weeks prior)

Now, I'm really into memory keeping...scrapbook pages, mini albums, blog posts, and Project Life are all ways I document our adventures and daily life. While I used ideas from Ali Edwards' Scrapbook on the Road self-paced course, I also did a few things to prepare for the trip, which I cover in this post. 

While on the road, I made a joke of 'checking in' on foursquare...a location-based social networking mobile site that I stopped using a while ago. 

Then it hit me: I can keep my 'check ins' private and use the "what are you doing?" section to journal!! How perfect—I got the name, location, time I was at a certain location, PLUS I could add a bit of journaling!

Now, if I thought of it, I could've done the same on the Yelp! app, but who said I needed to make things easier on myself?

Other ways to journal while on the road:
  • Facebook check-in
  • Instagram with a geo-located photo
  • Notes apps on your phone
  • Updating that Path account you got and abandoned
  • A good old fashioned notebook
What apps do you use when you travel?
Do you document your travels somehow? How?

Note: Please take your safety and the safety of your family in mind when posting information about being away from your home. While your family and close friends may enjoy the real-time updates and you get the added benefit of information for your memory-keeping, somebody else may see this as an opportunity to "visit" your home while you are away or come "visit" you while you are out and about.

Kam is the blogger behind Campfire Chic, where she documents her outdoor adventures, creative projects, and information on social media and organization. She lives in Southern California with her boyfriend and their cat, Rintu. When Kam isn't blogging or at her day job, she enjoys hiking, watching House Hunters, and spending time in the yoga studio. To follow Kam's everyday ramblings, follow her on Twitter

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