Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pop Culture Love: Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

This past November, I was told by a few people that I should consider going as Adele for the coming Halloween. The reasoning most people had was that I look like her, but my personal belief is that they think I sound like her.

I have written about my Adele love before, but thanks to my recent birthday present, I may want to take everyone's advice and fully immerse myself in her, if only for a night.

The DVD of Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall is a recording of Adele's most recent concert tour when she performed at the famed Royal Albert Hall in England. All of music's biggest names have performed there, and Adele is visibly overwhelmed that she has joined their ranks; her remarks upon the matter have their fair share of exclamatory curse words.

The 99-minute movie covers all of Adele's recent hits from her phenomenal album 21, as well as songs from her freshman album 19 and a few cover songs. I would love to point you toward my favorite songs, but the best thing about this concert DVD is letting her music envelope you for the whole experience. Her music is oddly compelling as workout music, soothing as distraction music, and perfect for singing in the shower.

Adele's humorous anecdotes between songs and explanations of how the songs were written are beyond captivating—you feel like you know her and wish you could buy her a drink at the local pub. The reason her music is so relatable is evident when you see her get embarrassed by her friend in the audience or get red-faced with anger over an ex she hasn't forgiven yet.

My main recommendation regarding this DVD is that you should buy it, as it comes with a CD of the live recordings from the concert. If you are unable to buy the DVD, check out the performance on YouTube; as far as I can tell, the entirety of the concert is there, starting with the clip below.

When you have watched it (partially or wholly), come back and tell me all about your chills/thrills/laughs/cries.

And I will agree with you every time.

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