Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handmade Goodness: Livy Love Designs Prints and Necklaces

Recently, I have been in a California mood hardcore. I don't necessarily need to go to California, but I feel like I need to assert my born-and-bred nature. A couple of weeks ago, I perused Pinterest and Etsy in an attempt to find a way I could do so. That's how I came across Diana's shop, Livy Love Designs.

Livy Love Designs is a store that boasts adorable prints, fantastic jewelry, and other decor for your home. I quickly added a 5x7" print and a custom California necklace to my shopping cart.

After I had already clicked "purchase," I noticed that Diana lives down in my old stomping grounds—Orem, Utah. I began to be curious about her, so I checked out her Etsy profile. It says:

Designer, blogger and mother, but not in that order! My blog is Let's be friends!

And I took her at her word about the friends part. Diana and I traded a few emails, in which we realized that we were both California girls, originally—we grew up only a few minutes from each other! She is a lovely person with a cute family, plus an amazing talent for graphic design!

Since my original purchase, I may have treated myself to an early birthday present and gotten a few more prints that had caught my eye. I can't help it—I love to support small businesses that I think are great!

Right now, Diana is having a sale:  
20% off any item with the code "FRESHSTART"

The sale lasts until March 25th. That gives you plenty of time to Oooo and Ahhh over the treasures in her store and buy to your heart's content!

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