Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Saturday, and I Do Mean Mine

My Saturday is a little more Me-centric than usual.

Instead of thinking about the fun things I can do with my little family, I am relishing the fact that I get to be an adult (and not a mom, a wife, or a cruise director). I love my life, but sometimes a girl needs a break from whatever "normal" is for her, right?

First up, I am going to be attending the Bijou Market down in Provo. It's my first handmade show, and I am a little nervous! It's easy to shop my favorite etsy stores online, but I am worried that I might freeze/miss something cool/embarrass myself in person. At least it's right next to one of my favorite Utah Valley restaurants, Sammy's Cafe; I'm going to drown my sorrows or celebrate my triumphs with some sweet potato fries!

I have looked up Kam's Guide to Attending a Craft Show to assuage my fears—I want to ensure triumph! It's a good thing I did, because I would have totally forgotten to bring my own tote for my purchases!

Speaking of Kam, I guest posted on her blog Campfire Chic this week. I extolled the virtues of participating in Twitter—talking to celebrities and giving a shout out to people who have made a difference in your life. Kam titled it "Twitter: A Way to Talk to Friends & Celebrities Alike." I thought that was pretty clever, but then I realized that she took it from my first paragraph. D'oh.

And the rest of my Saturday is going to be filled with plotting. Next week, my blog is going to be taken over by a special project I am making for my friend Whitney. Her mother recently died, and I have been thinking of how I can help her from across the country. A comment she left on my blog this week gave me the perfect idea—now I just need to flesh it out!

So get ready, Whitney, you're going to love it.

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