Sunday, March 25, 2012

My 27th Birthday Brunch Bunch

My 25th and 26th birthdays consisted of sick children, fights, and overall terribleness. I decided that for my 27th birthday this year, I deserved to have a bash with tons of friends and fun.

Saturday was the day for that Holly-palooza. Even though my birthday is actually on the 30th of March, I am trying to stretch out the celebration for as long as possible.

I wanted to have a birthday brunch party, so I concocted some Parmesan hash browns, biscuits, fruit, and donuts for all of my guests to share. Of course, we also had cake!

Here, my cousins (from different sides of the family) Trevor and Cari are helping me and Lucy post-gift opening. I received some awesome gifts—some edible, some not so edible. One of those that I couldn't eat was Jacko's gift: he got me a Spiderman iPod case.

Jacko was one of my esteemed guests. I also had my sister Julie and her son Theo (don't Julie and Jack look ultra-glam in the picture below?); my cousins Ben, Trevor, and Cari; my friend Teri and her daughters Zoe and Kate; my BFF Megan (who you may remember loves live music); my friends Matt and Emily and their kids Lia, Quinn, Makayla, and Colin; and my sister-in-law Shyla and my brother-in-law Russell and their kids Eden and Britain.

I list all of those people because I want to remember who was there 40 years from now, but also because each one of them is a special person in my life who I love very much. There are no better people than those people.

And to all those others who couldn't make it, I think the world of you, too.

You have five shopping days to make up your absence to me.


I had a blast decorating my apartment for the shindig, but I only remembered to take pictures after I had taken most of it down. Below is a picture of a banner featuring pictures of me throughout the years. The rest looked great, I promise.

And Cari took this picture of Jacko before the party started. Can I just say that I think he is beyond handsome? He has the looks and the skills to be a lady killer some day—he got the looks from Caleb and the skills from me. I ain't raising no fool.

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