Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Brunch Party Favors: Epsom Salt Luminaries

Caleb battled a salsa addiction.

About a year ago, Caleb was downing Tostitos Restaurant-Style salsa at the rate of one jar per day. I helped him eat it sometimes, but the undying urge always came from inside his twisted soul.

The man loved salsa.

I decided to collect the empty salsa jars and turn them into hanging lanterns, like the ones I made through the Red Velvet Summer Camp course I took. I carefully cleaned them, placed them in old diaper boxes, and stored them.

And they sat.

And sat.

And sat.

These poor jars had been forgotten. By-passed. Alone in my craft closet.

Enter Pinterest.

I try not to pin things that I won't actually make, so when I saw these Epsom salt luminaries, I knew I had to pin them. This project was perfect for those lonesome glass jars.

I decided to use them as my birthday brunch decorations/party favors. The whole week previous to my party, I followed the steps to create over a dozen of these luminaries.

The tutorial can be found here; there is also a YouTube video of them all lit up on that site.

Not everyone took one at the end of the party, so I have a few left over to enjoy.

Now I just have to convince Caleb to pick up his salsa addiction again so I can accumulate more jars.

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