Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jetter-Loo is Coming to Town

The arrival of Baby Theo meant that family members flocked to the great state of Utah to see him. One of those family members was my beloved nephew Jett. His name may sound familiar from the Jett Be Nimble video or my assertion that he and Jacko are BFFs.
But what you probably don't remember is that Jett is only three. In the above photo, he could easily pass for a kindergartner. Well, one who is going swimming, anyway.

Most of Jett's visit was comprised of he and Jacko running around and just being boys. We visited the fanciest McDonald's Playland ever—twice. Every sidewalk was lit up by flashes of red flickering light, thanks to the boys' light-up shoes; Jett wanted Jacko to put on those shoes for him. Everything that Jack did, Jett wanted to do too. It's a good thing that Jack used that power for good, and not evil.

Jett couldn't believe that Lucy was walking around. Lucy is forever frozen in his mind as a newborn baby that he can hold; he even exclaimed that the Lucy Giant was "so tiny" at one point during the trip. It's a good thing that Baby Theo was around to fill Jett's baby void.

Jett is moving to Argentina this spring, thanks to the international transfer of his daddy. My heart breaks the more I think about it, because even though we can still Skype, there won't be these few times when the boys can play together.

Whenever Jett moves closer to us again, I imagine that he will appear to be a graying old man, with the way his looks overshoot his actual age. And no matter how he looks, I will hug him and tell him how much I love him.

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