Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiration: Granny Square Love

My husband Caleb is the bomb dot com. He bought me Granny Square Love for Christmas, knowing full well that it would lead me to potentially expensive and time-consuming projects. The book features 25 granny square crochet projects; the projects are separated by room, which means that you could be looking at a home tour full of yarn soon.

I am looking forward to playing with bright colors, which is Sarah London's specialty. The projects I am dying to make are the bedroom headboard, the granny square curtains, and of course the classic blanket!

Many reviews on deride this book as geared toward beginners, without many things to offer the more experienced crocheters. While these comments may be accurate, I would like to say that guess what—I'm a beginner! I was able to read the patterns clearly, understand the gist of each project, and feel like I could achieve any project with some dedication.

Sarah London has a blog and oversees an online magazine called Hip to Hook. I think I know what will be my new obsession for the new year, if you know what I mean.

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