Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Full of Christmas Pictures for Grandmas

Our Christmas Eve was filled with Julie and Corbin, Christmas songs on the guitar, our friends Matt and Emily coming over with their family, and a letter to Santa that started "These cookies are weird." We reenacted the nativity with some fabulous hand puppets and the reading of the Bible. I believe I made myself sick on sugary treats, as well as by watching all of the action in Kung Fu Panda 2. I'll admit it was hard to sleep that night—it's a hard habit to break after a lifetime of excitement for Christmas.

Christmas morning started at 6:30 am, with Jacko waking up to see that Santa had eaten those weird cookies! He had also left Sunny D in our stockings and brought fantastic gifts for everyone; Jacko got a Thor hammer, Lucy got a BYU Cosmo pillow, and Julie & Corbin got books! The gifts from others were also banging—Aunt Julie even hand-drew a Darth Vader poster for Jacko!

Lucy did fairly well on her first Christmas. She made off like a bandit, receiving her first real doll and a closet full of clothes. She received a rubber ducky ornament from Grandma Flanagan, which Jack put on the tree; Lucy got angry and grabbed the ornament off the tree immediately. A girl's got to have her rubber duck!

We had a beautiful Christmas and an even better time just being together.

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