Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pineapple Passion and BYU Blue

When your kid watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he will eventually ask for a pineapple. Apparently, pineapples are featured heavily on the show because of Goofy's love for them. This was something I didn't know about Goofy before I started watching this show.

And if your local grocery store is selling them for $3 a piece, it doesn't seem like a bad investment.

Dole hooks you up and attaches a tag to the crown of the pineapple, telling you how to get the actual fruit from this pointy monstrosity. I will admit that I probably would have balked at hearing that there was an instructional aide for any other fruit; for pineapples, however, it seems like a good idea.

Fresh pineapple is unreal, y'all. I am a keen pineapple fan, and yet yesterday was the first time I had ever had fresh pineapple. I think if I say fresh pineapple one more time, I will be able to convince you to go get one for your own. Fresh pineapple, everyone. So good.

Another passion around the Flanagan house is Brigham Young University hats. Jack will get in hatty moods and will demand that everyone in the house wear one. Thanks to having two former BYU students in residence here, we are at critical mass when it comes to BYU hats. 

Yesterday, Jacko chose a beanie for Lucy and a ball cap for himself. Thanks to my penchant for making big-headed children, the hats almost actually fit them.

I also have a knack for making sassy children. Do you see the hand on the hip in the picture above? She seems to be saying, "Get that hat right, Jacko. Just tilt it a little bit...there we go."

And then she danced due to her success. Doesn't it look like she's snapping? No more pineapple for that girl, I think. 

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  1. I *adore* fresh pineapple. When I went to Hawaii a few years ago, I got a fresh one and ate it all! Sadly I can't have fresh pineapple anymore as I reliably get canker sores every time I have more than a single piece... It's very sad!