Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting My Photo On

How do you get in the habit of taking fancy pictures of yourself?

Most of mine are from the chest up and with an expression of "I hope the camera is actually getting me at some level." I use my point and shoot camera, which I love and adore simply because I hated my life without a digital camera. So, if I take a picture of myself, it looks like this.

I love how bloggers of all shapes and sizes are constantly taking pictures of themselves and sharing them with the world. Putting faces to writers I love is extremely exciting for me; I felt quite judged as a teenager because I wanted to get to know people on the internet, but I was often told that they weren't "real people." You are real to me!

My photo inspirations are Jess at IROCKSOWHAT, Maryam at Pamplemousse!, Rubyellen at Cakies, Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody, and Kam at Campfire Chic. Each special lady has their own personality that really shines through in each photo; even if Kam isn't standing in the San Bernardino mountains or Maryam isn't sporting her fancy glasses, I can recognize their essence in their photos.

So many people use photos from their iPhones or smart phones. Would I really take more pictures of myself if I had one? I am thinking about challenging myself to wear earrings every day for a week, or start rocking the red lipstick like I did when I was pregnant with Lucy. Would the easy access to photo-taking make that challenge a little more enticing?

As I said previously, I have a closet full of clothes I adore but can't wear because I am still battling the post-baby weight. Fashion hasn't always been important to me, but making a statement with my clothes is still something to which I aspire. I want people to look at me and know what I am about—approachable with a bit of a hard edge. But I can't do that in my constant mom gear. The What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday movement is super inspiring, and I am not afraid to show that I am not fancy every day. But maybe I can be a little more motivated to freshen up if I can have photographic proof of it?

My last resort is to hire Whitney Hardie to follow me around for the rest of my life and take constant photos of me. Please give me self-serve advice so I don't bankrupt myself for vanity's sake.


  1. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with the last resort. You should totally do it.

    I feel you on the smart phone thing. I think I would take so so so many more photos of our daily lives if I had an iphone.

  2. I still feel like my iPhone is an extravagance in my life, but I won't
    lie: the camera function is behind about 99% of the photos I take. It
    is so easy to whip it out of my back pocket a capture a moment. Plus,
    somehow, I feel less silly when I feel like snapping a picture of
    something small or seemingly trivial--something I might not stop and
    document if it meant getting out our "serious" camera. But maybe you
    don't need an iPhone for that; you'd just need to resolve to use
    whatever camera you have more often.

  3. Take pics! Use a self timer! And don't be hard on yourself! The more selfies you take, the easier it gets. You're doing great! And don't say I'm a hero! I'm just a regular girl!

  4. i think you look gorgeous! and like jess said, don't be so hard on yourself.

    it's actually kind of funny to me that you posted this, because in my drafts i have a half written post on tips for taking what i wore pictures. (or at least how not to feel like a douche when you take self portraits. because trust me, it took me a while!) :)

  5. I think you should just start rocking it! Believe me, I take pictures almost everywhere I go... What drove me to be so habitual with the act, was moving away from home, and most of my friends. I like to capture the moment regardless of how silly, meaningful or less and how I look. I do not think the camera loves me, but my friends and family do, and that's all that matters! I also find that it can help sometimes visualize, and bring ones self image back to reality. I def have those moments where I am like, wait, that looks so cute on me, why don't i wear or rock that color more often, or hello Jodo... NO BUENO! lol

    The more you do it, without fear of scrutiny, the more natural it will become and you will feel. That also goes for taking that picture, striking that pose that flatters you the most. IT IS AN ART sometimes to find that perfect pose or look for pictures. Remember, models do it after hours and hours of posing and adjustments to posture and so on and so on... not to mention PHOTOSHOP!

    I am actually surprised to find out you are camera shy!?!?! Think of your camera as a frozen stage, where the last act/pose/moment never curtains!

    Also, Meg is 100% right. iPhone makes it so easy, and less awkward to just snap a pic!!!