Saturday, November 26, 2011

Intentions for a Weekend

My brain is scattered because I have been getting too much sleep this holiday weekend. And none of it has been turkey-related! My mind has led me to some strange thoughts in the last few days.

A couple of seasons of The Biggest Loser have been sponsored by 24-Hour Fitness, and one season they followed along with that year's advertising and let each contestant wear an intention shirt. Do you remember those commercials; for whatever reason, the one shirt I remember was an older lady wearing a shirt that said "to find my seven chakras." I did not even know what a chakra was at the time, which is probably why it stuck out to me. The contestants chose things like "to walk my daughter down the aisle," "to fit into a designer pair of jeans," and "to finish what I started, for once."

I tell you all of that to inform you that I have been wanting to find my own intention for my health.

Intentions are something that I am familiar with, in that a large part of acting is assigning an intention for every word and movement your character chooses. Many of my scripts have something like "to chastise" or "to lighten the moment" in the margins. I know how to delve into a written character and come out with their most dire needs and how they choose to achieve them. But do I know how to do that for a living, breathing person? Namely, me?

My guiding thought has been that I really like myself on the inside; I think I am smart, fun, interesting, and caring. Even with my many faults, I am proud of myself. But once my outside comes into the equation, all bets are off. If anything in my life has involved playing sports, looking sexy, appreciating the things my body can do, or looking acceptable (to myself) in clothes, I can guarantee that I have been dissatisfied. And ultimately, I am aware that those things are caused by a mental block. There must be something I can do physically that I can be proud of, though. ...Right?

Apparently I still need to hone my main intention. Or get less sleep so I don't think about these things.

What have been your health intentions?
Let's hear the silly ones, the serious ones, the "shoot for the stars" ones!

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  1. Body Issues. I am right there with you. I am a roller coaster of body image issues. One year I look good (to me) then the next year I do not. Its constantly up and down and never consistent. I want a consistent body image & appearance. And mostly, I want to stop stressing about it, resulting in my daughter never having the same image issues I do. She is what matters most.