Friday, November 4, 2011

Finish Line Friday: Superior in Duet Acting

It has gotten a little heavy around this biz, right?

To lighten things up, I would like to present an award that I received for an acting piece I did from 'night, Mother. If you know anything about the play, you're thinking to yourself, "Lighten things up? That play is ultra depressing and extremely deep. Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Holly?"

Excuse me, I think you mean "Holy."

I remember participating in this thespian festival my senior year. I also recall feeling like I did a pretty good job. But apparently it wasn't me.

It was Holy.

I think I will still take all of the credit, though. I mean, who still has the award after all these years? Holy didn't even care to come get it from me.

Side note:
I scored well on the mandatory-ish military aptitude test I took my junior year of high school. I apparently would have been a benefit to my country in that way, so I was on the government's radar. From then on, whenever I would get phone calls or mail from any branch of the armed services, I would be referred to as "Hooly."

Hooly Holy at your service.

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