Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dude Can't Sleep

I have recently been all about Independent Women. I capitalize that, solely because I believe that it is an important trait in a woman. The constant moaning about "If only my man were here" is evidence to me that you are selling yourself short. Every woman has the capability to achieve any of her goals and reach maximum happiness on her own merits. Being with a significant other is simply icing on the cake, and what tasty icing it is! Growing up as one of five sisters under a strong mother made me a huge proponent of girl power.

I reassure my husband, Caleb, constantly that I love him and appreciate the myriad ways he helps in my life. He is the perfect provider, helpmate, and co-parent for our kids. I also like to tell him that if he were to die, that I could handle our business on my own. And I know that I would because I have a responsibility to myself and my children to create a happy life, regardless of the situation.

Speaking of situations, Caleb has been having trouble sleeping lately. He has always gone through phases where he can't sleep, but they pass relatively quickly. Because Lucy still gets up at night, he is hesitant to take sleeping aids, though he does do it occasionally. Last night was one of those nights. He woke me up to let me know that he was going to be medicinally asleep until mid-morning, at the earliest. Caleb has gone to our trusted doctor about this problem, and she told him a bunch of great things to do. Unfortunately, it is hard to remember to do all of those things every day.

I feel badly for the poor guy. He never insists that I stay awake with him, which I'm grateful for. Hopefully, in those sleepless nights, he feels confident that I can take care of everything during the waking hours of the day. Because I can!

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  1. my boy doesn't sleep either.
    His body naturally only needs about 5 or 6 hours a night ... so when he wakes up early (and by 'early' I mean 3a) ... he goes out to the living room to watch some trashy show on Netflix and maybe fall back asleep a little bit.