Friday, October 14, 2011

Finish Line Friday: International Thespian Society Plaque

As I have mentioned before, I did a bit of theatre in high school. Part of that was being inducted into the International Thespian Society; this organization recognizes the hard work of high school theatre students and encourages younger students to participate in theatre through junior thespian troupes.

When I was involved in the Redlands High School troupe 567, every morsel of theatre pushed me to excel not only in my duties there, but become a better participant in any activity I did. Group projects in class were easier for me, meeting new coworkers did not seem as scary, and valuing people as individuals was more important to me than ever.

You can see the signature of Marie Glotzbach on the line "Troupe Sponsor." This woman did not fail me when I put my full trust in her—I equally respected her and feared her, since she was so smart and authoritative and vulnerable! I am sure that she still is all of those things, actually. Read her biography and stand in awe of her. She's just a cool lady.

I have heard the "thespian/lesbian" jokes and been teased for being a theatre geek, but being a member of troupe 567 formed some of the most important parts of Holly Chatfield Flanagan, so forget the haters.

What activities shaped who you are?
Are there any teachers that you look back on fondly?

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  1. Speech and Debate shaped a lot of who I am! Which I wouldn't have gotten into that if I hadn't done theater, too! Speech made me more confident in my speaking abilities and my writing abilities. LOVE IT!