Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Naked Face Challenge

Remember when I told you that Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody is great? Something I forgot to mention is that she's always keeping it real. And I know that you like that kind of stuff.

She has started a challenge called the "Naked Face Challenge," in which you take one photo of yourself without make-up, without Photoshop actions, and without millions of "do I look good" angles. Post this photo on your blog, and voila! You are also keeping it real.

You can see that I'm looking pretty fly, and that's not just exaggeration. I am glad that my acne-ridden teenage face calmed down into something pretty cool. I'm proud of the squint lines between my eyebrows and the odd genetic creases I have in my chin. I took this photo moments ago without any expectations, but the results completely made my day.

Care to start off your day the same way? Want to join the cool kids? Look up the Naked Face Challenge here. Get started, buddy.


  1. I'm diggin' the braids, girlie! I'm not sure if my self esteem can handle photographic evidence of the pregnant me. I've been avoiding cameras like the freaking plague - whether I'm wearing makeup or not.

  2. you look gorgeous! and you have such a youthful face! isn't it great? i used to hate looking so young, but hopefully when we're 40 we'll look 25. ;-)

    i'm so glad that you participated. :)

  3. You look great! Maybe if we all had nice skin and gorgeous un-lined eyes...

  4. I hope you didn't find that unsavory :)

  5. I'm proud of you for posting this! I love the idea. I once set myself a similar challenge to go for 40 days without wearing make-up. It's not that I wear THAT much make-up, but it was a good way to accept who I am.. And you look pretty :)



  6. Pretty Lady!!!! And I love your halloween garland! heehee

    Messy {new follower}