Thursday, June 23, 2011

To-Do To-day

In no particular order, here is my list of things I MUST DO today before I go to sleep at 9:00 pm (which will be happening because I am tired of staying up too late!):
  • Dye my hair so that my huge blonde spot blends in again. [Done!]
  • Fold the rest of the dang laundry. 
  • Stop calling it "dang" laundry -- it's never done anything to me except be clean.
  • Order Jack's Lightning McQueen cake for Saturday's half-birthday party. [Done and done!]
  • Take Jack and Lucy on an adventure before it gets too hot outside.  [Done--took them to the Provo LDS Temple because Jack always asks to "touch the temple" when we drive past.]
  •  Stop being lame and keep my promise to my friend--read her manuscript before it turns into dust on my hard drive!
  • Dominate in Words with Friends (HelloooHolly if anyone's interested!).
 I just looooove lists. Do you?


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  2. Totally a list person too! Feels good to cross things off :)

  3. If the manuscript you're referring to is mine, will you wait for a minute? I think I may be altering it.

    (How's THAT for guilt-assuagement?)

  4. I have made a list that I'm actually pretty excited about. I jumped onto one of those 'make a list of crap to do before my next birthday' lists. Actually it feels pretty good.