Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Punk Rock Lotion

After a bath this weekend, Jack actually let me put some lotion and baby powder on him. I considered it an honor, because he's usually upset if I even try to touch him with such nonsense. To try to make him more interested in repeating the lotioning, I put some in his hair to make a mohawk. We had to go show Daddy right away!

We went too quickly, however, and completely forgot to put away the lotion that we left on the floor. I think you can see where this is going. The baby started crying and one thing lead to another.... The silence that followed was broken by some screaming (mine) when a cute head came around the corner:

He was really proud of himself and ultimately there was no harm done. This was our first foray into this kind of toddler adventure, so I guess we're lucky that it took until he was two and a half to get into stuck-in-your-pants kind of trouble.

Jack wasn't even too angry that we made him wash it out. And let's just say, his hair is still quite soft.


  1. taking after his uncle Corbin. Also, I love that you said stuck in your pants kind of trouble.