Friday, June 24, 2011

Bottle, Baby, Bottle

There are certain things that I thought all of my children would do: go to high school, wave at me while singing at church on Mother's Day, start holding their own bottles at 18 months like Jack did.

Not this girl! She's a bottle holding pro, and she's not even six months old. I know that most babies hold their own bottles. I know.

Jack did not get the gist of being an automaton until the summer we had Shyla and her family stay with us; he watched his year-younger cousin Eden hold her own bottle and finally understood the technique. Two hands, one mouth, and one bottle--amazing!

One of these kids had me hold a bottle for a year after he could walk.

I've had the wool pulled over my eyes before, and now that I know Lucy can hold her bottle, I won't be had again! Every baby has their own special talents; Jack's is being incredibly agile and Lucy's seems to be being a "big girl."

That side glance means she knows she's awesome.

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