Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Me Tender Monday: Antigua and Barbuda Stamps

Do you happen to know where Antigua and Barbuda are? Are you up on your Caribbean history? Are you a real geographer like my sister Shelley?

I have only heard of it because I received these Elvis stamps as a gift years ago. As you can see, they are 25th anniversary stamps--but the 25th anniversary of what? If you check out the small biography on the sheet, it could be one of a few things:
  • He was born in 1935.
  • He moved to Memphis, Tennessee.
  • He became a successful singer.
  • He bought Graceland.

We'll rule out the birth, seeing as the photo featured here was taken after his 25th birthday. The move to Memphis and the success of his singing are nebulous in regards to dates, so they're out. The purchase of Graceland's 25th anniversary was in 1982. So, maybe?

The real answer is that the never-visited-by-Elvis islands of Antigua & Barbuda released these stamps as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. The lack of detailed information has always bothered me, but dude looks good, so I can't help but love these stamps.

Like 'em too? Buy your own -- these are mine!

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