Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Purple People Eater

Ominous enough for you?
I have brought home two babies from the hospital, and both times I received this DVD, "The Period of PURPLE Crying." With Jack, we had to watch it in the dead of the night, when he had been screaming for hours and all three of us were in tears.

How's the ominous level now?
Lucy came home with the same DVD, and though we haven't watched it (yet), I apparently have let purple into my life subconsciously.

Diaper rash ointment, or as Jack calls it, "Medicine goo."
All of my shower accoutrements, now with more purple.
Several of Lucy's blankies are purple (though that might be a girl thing).
Even purple nail polish, or should I say Plum Frost?
So while I hope that the purple craze stays away from adding Lucy's "PURPLE Crying" to its list, I am finding that purple isn't really so bad. Are there other awesome purple things that I'm missing out on? The hunt continues. To accompany your journey, here is a purple song that will inspire you.


  1. Your nails look AWESOME! And you are mosdef missing out on PURPLE Rain... just saying... :)

  2. Thanks for your humorous purple post.

    We are happy to hear that the DVD/booklet were available to you in your time of need and wish you all the best with your new little one.

    -Amy Wicks
    National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome