Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Personal Preference

Lately, my life has been an exercise in "passionate preference" (thanks for the phrase, Ben!). Maybe I've noticed it more because I am starting to find a rhythm with two kids, meaning that I have a little more brain power to give to the outside world. Or maybe it is simply because I have been looking for a fight.

I'm feisty. Sometimes it happens.

As I have waded through arguments regarding editing preferences (one space after a period, or two?), dating preferences (is there a such a boy type as Crack Groban?), and living preferences, I have come to one conclusion that covers each and every one -- I have got to stay out of it.

I am going to admit that staying out of people's business is not a strong suit of mine. I have strong opinions about myriad situations, and if I really care about someone enough to voice those opinions, I will probably not wait to say them. Over the years, I have lost friends and ticked off authority figures because of this poor personality trait; I might have also championed some really important changes, but I can't pinpoint anything like that. Ultimately, I wish that I could say that I push because I love, but I also really, really like to be right.

But, sometimes there is no "right" preference. Currently, the MLA formatting of spaces after periods differs from the APA format -- who is right? And if a boy asks my sister on a date, but he looks like Clark Kent instead of an emaciated Josh Groban, is it right for her to accept? What if I get a vibe from a certain area and someone else gets another?

My plan for those moments is to get actively worked up, express it to my closest compatriots, and then let it go. Forget the "passionate" portion of my preference. After checking off all of the items on my To-Do list every day, I probably shouldn't make time to stir the pot.

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