Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Artful (Emotional) Dodger

M&M counting is preferable to bean counting
I used to think that the lack of money could never lead to good things. Sure, one could get technical and give hokey reasons why less is more: a large family living in a small house gets more up-close-and-personal time; when one's car breaks down expensively, it gives the person the opportunity to walk more and thus become physically fit; or not being able to put food on the table makes every morsel taste amazing. But, really, if there is more money to be had, it will be had.

Last night, however, I was proved wrong. No money saved something terribly bad from happening to me.

My blog title may lead some to believe that my self-image is pretty fantastic. Am I So Dang Brilliant? I am relatively book smart, though not a college graduate. I am street smart-ish, though a probably terrible guide through the inner city. And I am fiscally smart, though the admitted owner of my fair share of luxuries. One thing I am not smart in, however, is relationships.

I am too thin-skinned and too vindictive. Too quick to act and too dumb to think. Too good at pushing major, major buttons.

And lest someone feel compelled to come to my rescue, I would like to point out that this is not just in romantic relationships, but every kind of connection. Parents! Friends! Casual acquaintances! You could be next.... dun dun dun.

Back to the matter at hand, if I had been a monetarily rich person last night, I would be a kin poor person this morning. The worst part is that I would totally deserve it. And while I'm not thrilled that my monetary misfortune is adding to my general woes, I'm going to be grateful for it today.

I am already morally poor. Is that the sort of thing one can find a get rich quick scheme for?


  1. I've been wondering what's up-- your tweets give some of that away. I hope you are okay, and if you ever need to let off steam or hear a funny joke, I'm your girl! Loves!

  2. This may seem silly but it worked for me when I was feeling way down in the trenches for one reason or another...I used to put up happy signs around my place to remind me of my worth. That I had people that loved me and then listed about 10 people, or that I was achieving my dreams, or a list of things I rarely do but make me happy when I do them and pick one to do when I was down. Things like painting my toes, read a good book, dance to music, or indulge in a piece of my hidden stash of chocolate in the freezer.
    I'm here if you ever want to chat! I love you!