Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taking a Break

My memory is terrible. Really, it's just awful and I know that most of the things I do remember are actually false moments that I've made up for myself to remember. I do things like that to make myself feel better. All of this makes me feel even worse that one of the things that I remember very clearly is a dream I had once, where there was a concert in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion and Justin Timberlake sang a song that started "Look, I'm singing this song because I need a little break."

This years-old dream is as clear as day in my mind's eye. What a waste.


I'm avoiding work. Every month, my deadlines for work start off with CARDS magazine and continue on from there. I love looking at each card and appreciating the creativity that I could never muster, but after a hundred or more cards, I start to get cynical. So, CARDS May 2010, I'm taking a break from you so I can enjoy your contents.


After the whirlwind of last week, I have been reveling in the stillness of this weekend. Or, as still as the weekend could be with a rambunctious one year-old. We put batteries in all of Jack's Christmas toys and played them as one atonal orchestra. Sunday felt like we all took turns taking naps. Saturday came with a nice compromise and a huge bouncy ball from Target. I even tried on a few super-cute dresses; the last time I went clothes shopping with the intent to buy was probably to find a dress for Megan's wedding. At that time, I didn't have to incorporate the idea of having to bend over to pick up a baby; now, pretty much any dress is going to have to have leggings underneath to make it kosher. Simply, the shopping was very reassuring.


And now, some photos of recent life:


  1. I love the pictures and I love the way you write. I could read your stuff all day. The things are say are so heartfelt and really make me think about stuff. I wish I could write like you. Thanks for being so smart and sharing it with me.