Friday, August 28, 2009

I Got In, You Got Out

I think I need to start sleeping with a paper pad next to my bed. My most creative time (which isn't really 1% of most people's creativity, but I work with what I got) is those few minutes between laying down and actually falling asleep at night. I think of the cutest craft ideas, the smartest essay topics, the most journal-worthy anecdotes. To "remember" them for the morning, I sing little songs to the tunes of popular songs.

And lo, I do not recall them the following day.


Recently, Jack has shown himself to be rather a Boy's Boy. His only way of emoting is through growling. He uses a throaty tone that comes through an opening and closing "O" mouth shape. If I so choose, we have a growling conversation that lasts minutes; this morning, a poignant discussion was had through all of "Elmo's World." He has taken to swift attacking methods that sometimes result in knee-biting. Slamming end-table drawers and clanging spoons are his preferred physical exercises. And, all the time, tearing at toys with his teeth; sometimes, he even plays with other toys while he keeps something wrangled in his mouth. I was barely able to capture this amazing skill:

He's feral. It's like taking a picture of Sasquatch.


Addendum: One of my mnemonic tunes just did its job. I've been trying to remember which piece of moving media (T.V., movies) I saw a rather fey man talk about feeling "bedraggled." It's almost constantly on my mind, but I can no longer do this on my own. Does anyone know?

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  1. I don't know the answer to your question, BUT, my most creative ideas come when I'm just about to fall asleep too! We're like twins!