Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Guess That You Saw What Nobody Could See

When my battery runs low on my laptop, I feel compelled to turn the brightness all the way down on the screen. I doubt it's worthwhile enough to add further deterioration to my eyes. But, yet....


We've been spending the last week in southern California, partially in Redlands and partially in Ladera Ranch with Russell and Shyla. I can't say that I'm disappointed in the trip - I'm only disappointed that we have to return. We almost didn't have the ability to go back, because our breaks were bad enough that we had to have them replaced. At least our car didn't flat out die, though someone whose car did die was fortuitous that we spontaneously came down this week. And that we have two extra seats.

Caleb is under the impression that we find new reasons to live in California each time we come. This trip? Cheap cheese.


I'm blessed to have a husband who is willing to call me out when I'm being a jerk. Though that sounds counterintuitive, I need someone in my life to force me to say sorry and to see situations in a different light; a boy who sits idly by would not help me reach my full potential.

And don't worry, he only sprinkles in the Come to Jesus talks.

I also happen to stand my ground in a hardcore way. And wage wars against perceived cruelty. And wrinkle my face in disgust when a situation gets gross.

That's why I'm a jerk.


I wish I could remember where I read this mantra.

The things that we hate most about ourselves are our secret superpowers.

That thought just keeps RunningRunningRunning through my head. I want to needlepoint a pillow, cross-stitch a frame, spray paint a wall with that saying. Because the things I hate about myself,

Incomprehensible surges of emotion regarding seemingly benign issues
Social eating
Getting what I want when I want it because I know I deserve it

They've just got to be superpowers. I just need to harness them for good (and still for a little evil sometimes).


Jack just got his first pair of big boy shoes today; I think they are rather orthopedic-looking but they are supposed to help him learn how to walk, so they'll have to do. The salesman was rather deeply-voiced, which made him appear trustworthy. He also spoke rather airily, which made him also appear spacey. The two negated each other, but we still paid $50 for little tiny baby shoes. So, he won.

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