Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your Talk is All the Talk

This will make Caleb upset, I think - I haven't taken a shower yet today. I've had ample opportunity, but I can't stop playing with this baby. So, I'm sitting in this morning's workout sweat and playing hot potato with about three board books ("Mickey's Book of Trucks," "The Jungle Book: Best Buddies," and "Crayola's First Numbers").
And this is more bliss than I think one person can handle.
On Monday, the big Redlands 1st Ward three came together again. P.J. brought her cute son and husband, Megan brought her inimitable self, and I brought a dusted house - just like the old days. Or something.
We talked babies for a bit, swapping tales and advice. The subject of old BYU days came up, so we recalled past roommates and caught up on friends' news. Then, the typical "How'sYourFamilyTellMeAllAboutThem" spilled all over the living room. And, my ever-present-though-dormant desire to superglue my hips to those girls was reawakened. Megan and I get together when we can, but all three of us within a ten-mile radius "is something special," as my dad said.
I am so lucky that throughout my formative years, I had the intelligent patience of P.J. and the spunky joie-de-vivre of Megan flanking me. If we blended ourselves together, I think we'd make the most celestial kind of woman. Of course, I would bring the... bossiness? Freckles? Hair that holds a curl?
Maybe we should just blend those two girls.
And, in order to keep it even more real, I will say that lately all I want to do is sell everything I have and move far, far away to become an artist. I'm not very good at the hustle, but I feel a complete release when I think about creating things for a living.

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