Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures, Photos, Pictures

1. I am not an afternoon person.

2. One of my favorite memories, and one of the times when I was most brave, was when I worked a crowd with a very good friend (who I'd just met) and told each grouping in the crowd a different and false story [to one crowd, we were engaged, to another we were brother and sister, etc.].

3. If there were one trivial thing I could abolish in the world, it would be the mercy rule.

4. I talk a big game.

5. ISFJ, Red, Aries, Year of the Ox

6. My favorite book is "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand; my favorite teacher Mrs. Bradberry introduced me to it, and to her I'm eternally grateful.
7. If I owned a pony, I would name him Skittles.
8. My first instinct when I meet someone who is shy is to include them in conversation; unfortunately, the only way I know how to do that is to lovingly tease that person.
9. I don't easily bruise.
10. I love confrontation.

11. I don't like change: the life-altering events or the coins that jingle in my pocket.
12. I say the name of the person I'm talking to quite frequently in conversation.
13. I dream in wide-scale camera angles.
14. My smile curves slightly more towards the right.

15. My biggest, life-debilitating fear is strangers. And a stranger is anyone I don't know, so if I don't know you, I'm petrified of you. See how easy it is for me to make new friends?

16. I never had school spirit for any of the schools I have attended, until I discovered Comso the Cougar. So, I guess that means I have school mascot spirit.

17. I think Tupac is dead. There, I said it.
18. I commonly use two adjectives to every noun.
19. I don't like otter pops.
20. I never want a white picket fence.
21. I wish I had more friends that I texted regularly. Texting is my favorite!
22. Karaoke is my secret shame. I try and stay away from it as much as possible for that reason.
23. I've ruined a lot of songs for my loved ones because I would put them on repeat. Sorry, Mom!
24. I wear black nail polish sometimes because I saw Lindsay Lohan do it in a magazine once. Shoot me, okay?
25. I am considering not going to my 10 year high school reunion because Facebook has taken all of the mystery out of it.

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  1. Are you really ISFJ? I'm ENFJ. How are we such good friends?