Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holly's Secret Secret

There are probably more.

But I know of only one specific, life-changing moment in my life that I have never shared with another person before.

There is no descriptor, no time frame, no setting that I have ever revealed about this frozen piece of my history. The moment is not secret, and it is not sordid. There is no formal cause for my unusual privacy. The memory is so intimate that I fear someone may crush it, even as they are delicately examining it once told.

I once considered putting it into a fictional story I was writing, but I felt it was glaringly obvious that the event was ripped from the headlines of my life. The option to put it on a Postsecret postcard felt too reductive. To appreciate this memory, one would have to know me, but if you know me, I am never telling you this memory.

This non-unveiling may seem like I am waggling a treasure in front of you. I may seem to be passively begging you to ask what this crystallized scene in my head is, but that is only as it seems. I am not. I am simply examining that even the most Open Bookish among us still has a few postscripts written in invisible ink.

And no, it's not Star Wars-related.

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