Thursday, October 25, 2012

C is for Compliment (and Cookie)

Recently, I got a compliment from someone I really trust.

She told me:

"Holly, you have such a great upper level of logical thinking and rationality; you're able to dissect things. But you also have this well of passion underneath—especially about relationships. It's uncommon to meet someone who has both logic and emotional depth."

I laughed when she said it.

As someone who measures her minutes in "Phineas and Ferb" episodes, I don't often get the opportunity to utilize both my thinking and feeling skills. My children are lovely but because I innately love them, most of my empathy for them comes naturally; they also don't challenge my logic too often.

My mind keeps riffing that quotation around in the musical chaos of my head. Something so simple has made a huge difference.

Remember that when you speak to others—your words carry heft.

What's a thought/compliment/encouragement you think about?

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