Saturday, June 16, 2012

Q&A: Alternate Realities, Teaching Kids, and Movie Music

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When your BFF asks you more than one question for your blog's Q&A, you let it slide. Megan Hatch is curious about a few things....

Here are your answers, my friend.

Alternate Reality
My alternate reality would find me as a college graduate, living in a large city, and dating a ton. I don't think I would have settled down quite yet, as I enjoy the thrill of the chase too much. I would be working in the publishing industry; I wouldn't care if it were books, magazines, or an online publication—I just enjoy writing, editing, and being creative through words.

I could also see myself settled down in a teeny town somewhere on the East coast.

Preparing for Child Rearing
My only formal training in child learnin' was a psychology class I took in college; I learned about the stages of children's abilities and other things that are more academic in nature. I have heard good things about parenting courses through recreational centers and other public learning centers, though I haven't taken any myself. A technique that is gaining ground right now is Love and Logic.

I babysat as a teen, but found it tiresome because I already dealt with four younger sisters every day (who I liked much better than anyone else's kids, except for a select few families). I worked in the nursery and primary at church, which also gave me experience with teaching children. Other learn-as-you-go experiences that are available would be volunteering for Big Brother/Big Sister programs, teaching at a community center, or getting involved in scouting. Or you could just have a kid of your own, like I did.

I am still learning how to teach my children academically, though I think I have done a pretty good job in the manners/social aspect already. I have a really rigid list of standards for them (being generous, taking an interest in people [learning names, inviting others to play], speaking kindly, etc.) and I have established that I am not someone to be messed with. I have seen examples of parents who make idle threats, and I decided before I had children that I would follow through with my promises good and bad. Making decisions like that before you have kids is a must.

And yes, I am the bad cop to Caleb's good cop. I do not mind that role at all.

Movie Soundtracks

Step Up
Space Jam
Sleepless in Seattle
A Walk to Remember

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