Friday, May 18, 2012

A Tough Time Feels Tougher

If you are a self-help kind of person, you might have read The 5 Love Languages book. When I read it, I realized that I fall into the "Acts of Service" branch. You might remember me mentioning that in my short interview with myself.

I have been able to do a lot with that information. On occasions when I feel particularly hurt by someone, I can analyze my reaction to their behavior instead of blindly labeling that person as "bad" or "mean." This has salvaged so many of the relationships in my life that I hold dear.

Tonight, I have been reminded of this.

I have been mentally lashing out at someone who has let me down in certain regards; all of the nice words and the thoughtful gifts in the recent past have not helped me feel loved. The feelings have been eating me up inside and even when they have come out, it feels like nothing changes. My heart has been very angry and my mind has been quick to desire drastic changes.

But there are also times when I can dissect my loving feelings for someone and see them for what they are—a reaction to their kind acts on my behalf. And there are so many people in my life who treat me well. Even that certain someone who has been letting me down treats me well...most of the time.

Tonight, I just have to keep it real. Without crafting a delicate story or witty anecdote around it, I needed to say that I'm hurting right now.

Find out your love language. Take the short quiz. Try to understand what makes you feel loved and how you show love to others. Knowing those things can help you during times of heartbreak.

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