Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Short Interview with Holly Flanagan

What is one word to describe you? Try-Hard

One word to describe your life? Productive
My adult brain is hard-wired to be doing something productive at all times. Be it socially, houseworky, or internally, I strive to be productive because otherwise I am miserable.

One word to describe your love? Earned
My love language is acts of service—if I try to serve you in some way, it is the ultimate expression of my love. In the same vein, if you serve me in ways large or small, you have done more for me than a million "You're beautifuls" or a lifetime of diamond jewelry gifts could.

One word to describe your cooking? Homestyle

One word to describe your career? 24/7
Motherhood doesn't provide one with paid time off. Usually, you have to pay to get time off (but we don't because our babysitters are awesome family members who won't accept our money).

One word to describe your hobby? Freeing
Writing is an escape for me, even if I am writing about things that are happening in my life. The catharsis I receive from sharing my thoughts is inescapable; it's no coincidence that most of my most depressed years were ones that I did not keep a journal or blog.

One word to describe your style? Kid-friendly

One word to describe your blog? Encouragement
I feel so strongly about taking the reins of your own life and steering yourself in the best direction—you have the power to do so. I want to let people know that they can manufacture their own happiness, be it by reconnecting with people, enjoying the pop culture that speaks to them, owning the negative aspects of themselves, or by being reassured that they are not alone in the treacherous world of parenting. 

One word to describe your home? Ikea
It can't be helped. We basically live next door to one.

Thanks to Sarah Hull from Little Penelope Lane for making me aware of these questions from Mommy's Sippy Cup.

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