Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pop Culture Love: Pentatonix Concert

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, be it long or otherwise. The Flanagan family had a four-day weekend, thanks to Caleb's office moving and the computers being offline; no computers means no work for a web developer. As you might recall, the children and I were sick for the entire weekend, though yesterday was a bit of a reprieve. We were able to go to Cari's birthday party and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Because I am awesome, I was also able to go to a fabulous concert last night. The Scera in Orem, Utah hosted an a cappella concert, featuring three groups from NBC's The Sing-Off.

I got to the outdoor theater almost an hour early, and this was the view when I entered the gates—a cappella is apparently more popular than I thought! I was the first of the group to arrive; my sister Julie, her husband Corbin, their baby Theo, my uncle Russ, and my cousin Ben made up the rest of our illustrious group.

Ben was my first and only choice as a date to this event. When I found out that Pentatonix was coming to Utah, I immediately texted Ben and bullied him into coming with me. The rest of the group was just icing on the cake!

The first two groups, Vocal Point and Delilah, were great. I wasn't keen on them when they were on the television show, but I appreciated their energy and vocal chops on stage. As you can tell from that earlier view, our seats allowed us to see only the very edge of the stage; the speakers that were facing us featured the low end of most of the groups, so we heard a lot of bass and percussion.

And Amy-Lynn Whitcomb (second from the left), who is my favorite vocalist in Delilah, has the most muscular thighs ever. She sings great, but I will admit to being distracted throughout the performance. What's your secret, Amy?

But the reason I bought the tickets to this concert was Pentatonix. I wrote about my love for them back in November, even before they won season three of The Sing-Off. They combine my two true loves: singing and just-enough edginess. And they are all quite easy on the eyes, so that doesn't hurt.

They blasted the gargantuan audience out of the water; everyone at the Scera was eating out of the palms of Pentatonix's hands from the moment they walked on stage. My favorite anecdote that illustrates that is this: a Dude's Dude was sitting in front of us; he was rather muscular, distinguishingly graying, and wearing a shirt that said "Me, My Bike, and the Road." When Pentatonix finished their first song, this guy stood up and said, "I love you, Pentatonix!!!" just like a little fangirl. I would have done the same thing, but I had no voice due to being sick. I sounded really sad, you guys.

Pentatonix's set list consisted of their most popular songs from the show, as well as several songs they have covered on YouTube. I am desperately searching for a favorite performance to recommend, but I deeply enjoyed every song they sang, as well as the in-between parts where the group was insanely charming. It was evident that they were overwhelmed by the Utah love, but their performances never showed one bit of nerves!

For those who missed the show (or for those like me who want to relive it!), here are a few great YouTube videos from last night. I have embedded the most comical performance, where two ladies from the audience came onto the stage and got serenaded with "Let's Get It On." The other videos can be found on this YouTube channel.

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  1. That sounds like such a fun concert!!!! Glad you had a blast!