Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Plans! Big Plans, I Say!

There's cabin fever, and then there's OHMYGOSHGETMEOUTOFHERE fever.

After three weeks of having our daily schedule messed up and being cooped up due to illness, I have officially decided to detach myself from reality. Everyone will get fed, the house will get cleaned, and children will be nurtured. But, my brain will not resume functioning until all health is restored and I am able to go to the store for milk again without a three-way meltdown.

Therefore, I have allowed myself to dream. And plan. And dream and plan BIG.

See those plans up there? They are the result of these dreamworld criteria:
  • No expectations
  • Unlimited money
  • 24/7 "Me" time

If I had woken up this morning to a deserted apartment, a black AmEx card, and perfect health, these are the things I would have done. You know, after taking a shower and brushing my teeth. I might have also wondered what happened to Caleb and the kids, but who knows?

I left some room at the top of my Big Plans page, because I want to revisit my dreamland tonight. I'm not saying I'd be happier by doing all of these things, it's just nice to sometimes imagine what color the grass is on the other side of reality.

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